Fresh Hope – 24th August 2019

You may be aware that when we obey, it always brings blessing.  

You may be a parent, then you will know that to be true!

Whenever God asks us to do something, it’s always so that we in turn will be blessed.   

When we are asked to give, it’s so that we can receive.

When we are asked to forgive someone, it’s so that we will actually be blessed, because we have let go of that unforgiveness.

When we are asked to love and encourage, it’s so that we in turn will receive many blessings back into our lives.


But what about when God asks us to do something that’s difficult? 

Then obedience isn’t as easy. 

Unless, we have learnt the principal that ‘God wants to bless me when I obey’. 


In the book of Genesis, we read the story of Abraham. 

God had promised him a child, even though he was old in years. Yet, God still fulfilled His promise and Abraham’s dream and blessed him with a son Isaac. 


When you read through the story, you will find that God tested Abraham. 

He asked him to take his son, (the one that he had been believing for and dreaming of) and take him up the mountain where he would sacrifice him.  

WOW, that’s an incredibly difficult, almost impossible thing to do. 

But I want you to notice what happened. 

In Genesis 22 1-3. It says that after God had spoken to him, the very next morning, Abraham got up early and started on his journey up the mountain. 


If ever there was a day to stay in bed, this was surely it! 

If ever there was a day to have several extra cups of coffee, this was it.  

If ever there was a day that Abraham wanted to talk to someone else first and get their opinion, then this was surely it. 

BUT NO. It says ‘he got up early and started out.’ 

Abraham knew that despite the difficult, almost impossible task, he was going to obey. 


I’m sure you know the end of the story.  

Isaac wasn’t in fact sacrificed, because God provided a ram instead AND Abraham was tremendously blessed. 


Because my friends, obedience, even though it’s hard, ALWAYS BRINGS BLESSING.

Pastor Gillian

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