Fresh Hope – 30th August 2019

Two weeks ago I missed a train by just five seconds! I had been waiting 40 minutes for the train to arrive and then they switched platforms on me in the last few minutes. I noticed too late. As I realised what had happened, I saw my train pending on the other side. I run up the stairs and to the other side of the tracks. My hand almost touched the door’s button as the train moved off, leaving me to cancel the tour I had planned upon arrival at my destination. Not what I had planned.

Another example of derailed plans… one week later and we were holidaying in France when my husband had a severe reaction to a mosquito bite! We thought we better get to A&E before the spreading bite went septic. For a doctor to issue a prescription of antibiotics would take less than five minutes, but we were left in the waiting room from 10pm to 4am! With no one speaking a word of English in a French hospital, communicating only via Google translate, the wait got very frustrating. Not what we had planned.

These two relatively minor set backs really are a bleep compared to the metaphorical missed trains and waiting rooms of life that many people are sitting in. Some people have been waiting for loved ones to come back, their bodies to get healed, break-through in finances, or for the arrival of a spouse or baby for years. Some people feel they have ‘missed the boat’ of opportunity in life and it’s too late. Time doesn’t feel on their side. Their life plans seemed to be derailed.

The good news is that God is beyond time. He is not bound by it. While we orchestrate our lives on man-made calendars, and clocks, and compare our stages of our life to the happenings of those around us, God is working in accordance to with the season of our hearts, coupled with His divine perspective. He sees what we don’t. Hence why it doesn’t always make sense to us. Sometimes time eventually explains to us what He was/is doing, other times we just have to trust in His good nature. God wants us to operate in the currency of faith, and trust. Knowing that he is perfectly good and faithful to us. God can do what takes months, in minutes. God can do what we think should be done now, later, yet never too late, because He knows what we need.

When we don’t have the answers for why our desires and God’s promises aren’t unfolding now, we must trust in the reality that God is FOR US. He is our loving Dad, with only our best interests at heart. Our job is to trust Him.

I ended up getting on the next train. I ended up getting on the next tour. I ended up having a day better than I could have planned. My husband ended up getting his prescription, and we ended up having a fabulous holiday, barely remembering the frustration of the waiting room.

What may feel like a forever season, is not a forever season. Things will change at some point, you will get on the right train, you will leave the waiting room… and God will work all things together (Romans 8:28). In the meantime, steward your heart and steward your wait.

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.