Fresh Hope – 31st August 2019

Atmosphere is very important. I can immediately walk into a place and know whether or not I’m going to like it.  It can be a restaurant, a shop, even a hotel room.


Did you know that YOU can set an atmosphere? By your attitude, your face, your spirit.

We have often said as parents that our children will not dictate the atmosphere of our home. When they are in a ‘mood’ or don’t get their own way or stuff makes them feel ‘down’, then the atmosphere can be changed into something negative.

You may have children like that. You may have a spouse like that. You may be like that.


There’s another saying in our house, “If Mom’s happy, everyone’s happy”.

That’s a lot of responsibility on me! However it’s very true.

I, like you, can set the atmosphere in my house big time.


Over the years I’ve learnt this: we are carriers.  When our heart is good, our face is good, our spirit is good and our whole countenance is good.  Our heart sets the atmosphere.

When things aren’t as I’d like them, is my heart good?

When things and circumstances are not good, is my heart still good?

When I feel sad or even discouraged, is my heart still good?


When my prayer life and my walk with God is right, then my heart will be right and then the atmosphere will be right.


Be an atmosphere changer for the better.

Walk into a room and carry the presence of God with you and it can suddenly change supernaturally.


In your work place, in your home, be the person who everyone loves to encounter because YOU are an atmosphere changer.


Be one for the better.


Pastor Gillian



A daily devotion for a better way of living.