Fresh Hope – 3rd September 2019

“His letters are weighty and forceful, but in person he is unimpressive and his speaking amounts to nothing” was what people had to say about Paul, a hugely influential figure in the Bible.

23% of the New Testament has been attributed to Paul, who was also responsible for bringing the Christian message to Europe for the first time. Paul was a big player, but when it came to public speaking, people were happy to take him or leave him.

To add to Paul’s potential complex, he had a teammate named Apollos who was a very eloquent speaker. (Side note – your character will be tested when you’re alongside someone who’s gifted in an area in which you lack…

Can I encourage you to celebrate those people and not despise them? After all, as someone once said, ‘if everybody on a team is gifted in the same way, then the majority of that team are unnecessary.’)

However, it seems as though Paul didn’t have a complex about this, but rather he realised, ‘what I don’t have is just as important as what I do have.’

Paul’s writings influence millions of people still to this day, but we have to ask ourselves: if he’d have spoken it, would we have the opportunity to read it? Maybe it’s because he couldn’t speak like his colleague Apollos, that he ended up writing the way he did.

I think if you asked Paul today, he would tell you that he’s glad he was an unimpressive communicator. Because what people identified as his lack led him to discover his God-given gift. And ultimately it’s that gift that created for him a lasting legacy.

Today, instead of resenting what you don’t have, I wonder what could happen if you embraced what you do have…

Celebrate the Apollos’ in your world, look to improve in areas that you can, but learn to love who you’ve been created to be and not lose sleep over what you lack.

Maybe you too could leave a legacy that goes beyond the life you live.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.