Fresh Hope – 6th September 2019

Driving to work one day on the motorway, I was forced to move to the inner lane by two police cars taking up the middle and outside lanes. They had their sirens wailing, and blue lights flashing making it impossible to miss them, and you had to move out of the way.

Behind the two police cars were a secure prison transfer van flanked by another police car alongside it, and two more police cars behind those.

What was quite remarkable was the number of police cars it took to surround the prison van and ensure that it had a clear stretch of road ahead of it and alongside it, and it could travel without having a siren itself. This got me thinking. Who were they transporting, and why was this individual or group of people so important, they needed such a noisy police escort? I’ve been overtaken by police cars countless times without thinking much of it, but there was obviously someone significantly important or high risk in the van they justified all the fuss.

I thought about breaking from the norm that everyone else was following and doing something to stand out but that wouldn’t have ended well for me, so I stayed in the slow lane.

There are times when deciding to stay quietly out of the way along with everyone else is a good decision, but there are times when you need to step out and reach for a reward that pushes you out of your current situation. To make a bold decision that challenges the long-held beliefs around you.

In Luke 18:35-43, a blind man received his sight because he first saw a way out of his situation (blindness) and stepped out in faith. Like the transfer van surrounded by police cars that made traffic move out of the way, Jesus was surrounded by people who could see him with their eyes but could not see the reward He carried.

We’ve all got something that we need God to help us with in our lives, better health, rebuild a relationship with family, a parent, child, sibling; a friend who used to be close, but things went sour; finances to help us get out of a hole we may be in, perhaps a better job. There’s probably something in your life that you’ve accepted as it is, and because of past failures in changing that situation, are now okay to sit on the side lines.

What stopped me from getting in the way of the police convoy was a fear that my life would never be the same if I did that

What stopped the blind man from staying out of Jesus’s way was a fear that his life would always remain the same.

Make the decision to call on Jesus today, and He will give you a new vision, and a reward for your courage.

Noble Mudenha

A daily devotion for a better way of living.