Fresh Hope – 12th September 2019

A few months ago on a trip to Belgium, we were trying to find a nice coffee shop. Google Maps had got us to the right street and we noticed a pretty shop front on the other side of the road. Naturally, we stopped to take a photo.

Google Maps was showing we were really close to the coffee shop so we continued to walk down the road. However, quite quickly, it looked as though we had gone past our desired destination. We turned around but found ourselves looking at the pretty shop front on the opposite side of the road. We must have gone too far back.

After a few times up and down the street and back-roads, each time being greeted by that same shop on the other side of the road, we decided that maybe the coffee shop we were looking for had closed down.

At this point, we turned around. We turned to see the shop directly opposite the pretty one that kept taking our attention, was the coffee shop we had been looking for.

Every time we walked back up the street, habit meant that we focused on the thing we had seen before, the place we had been before with no prevail. Our focus became the familiar. Our habit became to look across the road and feel defeated.

The regularity of that routine meant that our eyes were drawn to the familiar and we missed exactly what we were looking for.

Have you ever been so consumed with routine that you miss the thing that you are asking for God to show you?

The story of the Good Samaritan begins with two religious folk who are so busy with their lives, so focused on where they are going, they miss the severity of the man on the side of the road.

We have to live the ordinary every day; we have ordinary tasks and ordinary routines. We can become so focused on the familiar that we become blind to the things around us.

‘The word became flesh and dwelt among us’ John 1:14.

Jesus came into our ordinary world. He spent time with ordinary people, listening to their everyday problems. The extraordinary came into an ordinary world.

If we are living in the ordinary, we need to find Jesus there. By nature, He is with us in our everyday lives so it’s up to us to seek the extraordinary in our everyday life.

Be still. Look around. What is God trying to show you in your daily routine today?

Fiona Geary

A daily devotion for a better way of living.