Fresh Hope – 14th September 2019

I’m sure you know about the life of Noah..the ark… the flood… the wiping out of all mankind and the saving of Noah and his family and all of the animals. It’s all recorded in the book of Genesis. 

As I am writing this now, people in different parts of the world are experiencing category 5 hurricanes, which bring death and devastation to all around. I can’t imagine what that must be like.  Think about Noah going through that, only even worse. EVERYTHING was wiped out around him.  Noah had just witnessed the drowning of all mankind.

 In Genesis 8 it tells us that after Noah had gone through this experience, which is very hard to imagine, he worshipped. He’d shut his ears to the wailing of the people and he kept his focus on God.  Some days that’s hard.   To take our minds off what is going on around us and to focus on God alone.  Noah was thankful that he had been saved, but I’m sure he was in a place of not understanding what had just happened.

We will often find ourselves in a place like that. A place of confusion or sadness. A place of questions and storms, yet sometimes you have to just shut the door,  shut out the noise and worship.

We all come from different circumstances and situations.  We have to learn everyday that we should shut out the world and all its distractions and “in all circumstances thank God”  (1 Thessalonians 5 v 18)

Be a worshipper in a storm, through a storm and after a storm.

God has everything in control. He is looking for your heart and attitude when things aren’t going great.

He wants you to shut the door, take time to just be with Him.  That’s where you will find peace, that’s where you will get your focus back.

Noah didn’t really know what had just happened and neither do we sometimes. It’s in the presence of God that we find answers and peace and strength to move on with the plan of God for our lives.

When you do that, something wonderful happens.

When God saw Noah’s worship, He said “never again will I flood the earth, never again will I curse the ground, never again will I destroy every living creature, as long as the earth endures, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

Are you waiting for a powerful promise? Get into worship. 

It’s amazing what follows someone who shuts out the world and concentrates on the one who made it.  


Pastor Gillian
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