Fresh Hope – 19th September 2019

A key to breakthrough is praise. Praise isn’t a cute little song, like you might hear on the radio. Praise is powerful. Praise is a spiritual exchange. When we feel like the enemy is coming against us, our weapon of choice should be praise and worship. Why? Praise is GOD focused, not Devil focused. It is a reminder to you, and to the enemy that over all circumstances and feelings, God has the final victory! …and you will sing it out!

Israel won the battle of Jericho through worship. Chronicles 20 tells how King Jehoshaphat led the people of Judah into battle with singing. His frontline guys didn’t have swords and spears, they had a song! They were singers! Jehoshaphat conquered with a choir! He understood that a spiritual song breaks something beyond the physical.

Acts 16 records how Paul and Silas were thrown into jail in Philippi. That night Paul and Silas sat with their feet in the chains and sang songs of praise. The prison doors were flung open, and the jailer was saved!

What is your go-to weapon in times of struggle? Is it complaining, gossip, pain-numbers, and blame? Let it be praise.

David also understood this truth. In Psalm 68:1-2 he says, ‘When God is lifted high in praise, His enemies are scattered’. It is not cursing and rebuking the Devil that causes him to flee, it is in fact PRAISE. If your problem is getting you Devil focused, shift your focus to the strength and ability of our victorious God through song.

As the lyrics in Bethany Wohre’s song, ‘Victory is Yours’ declares:

Our fight is with weapons unseen
Your enemies crash to their knees
As we rise up in worship
When trials unleash like a flood
The battle belongs to our God
As we cry out in worship…

What hell meant to break me has failed
Now nothing will silence my praise
I will cry out in worship
The walls of the prison will shake
The chain-breaking King will rise to save
As we cry out in worship’

Isaiah 42:10-13


Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.