Fresh Hope – 2nd October 2019

When trials inevitably come, we must understand the source of the struggle. When we understand the source, we can fight the battle effectively!

Imagine going into battle, fighting with a toothbrush? Or imagine going in to fight something, and instead just falling asleep on the ground? Or imagine kicking and punching, using all your energy on something that you already killed? You need to know your battle in order to handle it properly!

Trials generally have three sources:

1. Life – God is always good, but bad things do happen. Thankfully God will use all things, turning a mess into a miracle. He will use life circumstances to increase you. God will use ugly situations as an opportunity to test your faith and stretch your capacity. Ask yourself, is God teaching me something here? For example, maybe I shouldn’t be running from that person that tests my patience and instead press into God, open to what He wants to teach me through the difficult person! After all, how do sharp rocks become smooth? By rubbing and knocking up against each other over time!

2. Me – If you have made a bad decision that contradicts the safety boundaries offered in the word of God, then you will find yourself in a tough situation at some point as you have violated your own design! Not because God wants ‘pay back’ or vengeance on you, but simply because He gave you protective measures in the first place that you rejected. It is like telling a child not to touch the hot stove. When the child does touch the hot stove and burns himself, it is not the revenge of the parent that causes the burn and pain, it is the rebellion and disobedience of the child stepping outside of the will and protection of the parent. Hence why we should LOVE the principles of God! If you are in a trial, ask yourself, have I got myself into this mess because of my poor choices that don’t align with the heart of God, and therefore I need to repent? Everything can be restored! God is gracious and always waiting for you!

3. The devil – He wants to destroy you and will use any means, including people to try and accomplish his mission (to kill, steal, and destroy). (We will look more at this in tomorrow’s Fresh Hope!)


Once you have recognised the source of your trial, you can then choose the most appropriate weapon.

Just to name a few:

Prayer and communion
Praise and worship
The presence of God.
A word from God.
The word of God.

Discerning the source of your trials is the key to responding to them appropriately. Not everything is the devil. Sometimes you have to steward the battle, sometimes you have to repent because you have caused the battle, and other times you have to wage war on the enemy!

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.