Fresh Hope – 5th October 2019

We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s his season, it’s her season.”

What does that mean? It means that things are going well for that person right now. You’ve heard it said of a football club or a business… “they are having a great season.” 

That may be good (and it is) but seasons are made up of days…

And it’s what you do in those days that will determine your season.

What YOU do today will help determine the season that you will have.

The choices and decisions you make, the way you act and behave.

For example, the farmer will be planting, the athlete will be training, the wise husband will be treating his wife well, the student will be studying, the business owner will be strategising.

 Seasons are important…but DAYS are equally as important.

 Did you know that there will come a season for the very reason of your life?

God saw a problem in this world and He had you born to sort it!

You were born on purpose, for a reason. 

So what you do today IS important. Those ‘great’ things are often basic and simple, YET very important to your season.

Today be a…

Pray-er. Make sure today you find yourself communicating with the one who made you.

Giver Be generous. Generous people will always prosper

Learner. Be a reader of God’s word. Get Godly wisdom and truth into your life.

Worshipper. Be someone who is thankful in every situation. Knowing that in good days and bad, God is always good.

Planner. Have a vision and a dream and go after it.

Lover. When you show love to people, you’ll receive it back.

You see, your season will be made up of the constant things that you put into your life daily.

Make them good. Make them purposeful.

Today is your day. Go after it!

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.