Fresh Hope – 9th October 2019

It is okay to be enduring something. To endure means ‘to suffer patiently’. Most of us don’t enjoy suffering. We want to get out of it as quickly as we can. Most of us struggle to endure too. We don’t want to wait patiently, we want to get something as quickly as we can! 


 Our brains naturally lean towards what is easiest; hard work is a challenge that requires intentional willpower and work. Suffering through bad traffic, an awkward conversation, a dark and cold winter, an intense workout, a difficult marriage, financial struggle, or draining job is hardly enjoyable. But what if the purpose of life isn’t always for it to be ‘enjoyable’? God is always good. God never brings bad, BUT sometimes He allows us to walk through struggles because it produces something incredible!  


John 16:33 warned us that troubles are a guarantee. God is not here to remove all troubles from us, he is here to walk us THROUGH troubles, producing something beautiful in us along the way.  


Please note, I’m not suggesting that we accept things that are downright from the enemy, or things that are within our power to change, I’m talking about challenging life situations that make you really uncomfortable, and are out of your control.  


Sounds crazy, but a mature Christian will welcome an opportunity to undergo endurance, because the profit of endurance is great (Romans 5:3-4).  


When you consider most worthwhile things, they never come without a degree of endurance – patient suffering. A fine wine, financial stability, a healthy family, a fit body, deep friendships. Everything of an excellent standard takes time, careful work, commitment and dedication to the challenge...including you. Sometimes your character needs to undergo the pruning process of life.  Endurance is necessary for you.  


You may be enduring in some area of your life right now. It might be really uncomfortable BUT know that as you walk it out, God is doing something marvellous in you. He is producing something. You may not know when and how it will end, but keep on walking it out, stay faithful, dedicated and committed. It is okay to be patiently suffering.  

 Emma Burchell 

A daily devotion for a better way of living.