Fresh Hope – 12th October 2019

Life is a journey, a journey signifies moving from one place to the next.

On that journey, you can choose which way to go.

 Each day you will make similar repetitive journeys. Have you stopped to think that each day you make that choice of which way to go to work, to school, to college, to the shops?

 In that plan of A to B you can choose how you will get there. You may choose the shortest route or the fastest route, the quietest route, the most scenic route.  You know where you’re going, but along the way you are making the choice.

For instance, some people will go to Cornwall on the south coast of England and from where I live, we can get there in around 4 hours via the motorway.

Some people however, will choose the scenic route which can take 12-14 hours.

Some people will stop at a Starbucks, others will choose to wait for a Costa and others will take a flask of tea.

You see there are choices that you make along your journey that are yours .

God has a plan for your life. The quickest and best route is to follow His navigation system and to listen to His instructions. “Take a break”. “Follow this route”.  “Avoid a traffic accident”. God is full of instructions along the way.

We have to be open to listen and willing to receive His advice.

No, we don’t actually know best!

 Our choices, our attitudes, our relationships will also affect our journey.

 My father nearly died many years ago, God literally raised him from death’s door and he went on to live another 11 years.

I remember saying “it’s not my Dad’s time to go” – and through a series of miracles it became apparent that it wasn’t.  I decided in prayer, that we weren’t going to ‘stop’ there, but I would ask God to intervene and let him continue his journey…and He did, for another 11 years.

 Too many of us are content to settle for where we are now, or are not too bothered where life will take us.

God has many things for you to experience, He has a destiny for you to fulfill.

Don’t settle for where you are today. Push higher and harder for greater things.

Walk through the storm… don’t camp in the valley of the shadow of death.

 Keep moving. Keep praying. Keep moving life forward. Follow His instructions.

 For where you are now, is not where you are going.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.