Fresh Hope – 23rd October 2019


The Bible talks about how life is not a destination, but a journey home. Much like a car journey home, we are driving towards our true home – ‘for we have no city here on earth to be our permanent home, but we seek the city that is destined to come’ (Hebrews 13:14).


Driving in our car (life) toward our heavenly home (heaven), we experience dead ends, stop signs, go signs, crashes, lane changes, GPS breakdowns, mountaintops, and bogs. We can get robbed and burnt, towed off, have to undergo serious repairs or maybe just a regular clean and polish now and then. We swerve.  We overtake others, and then others overtake us at times.  Sometimes the road ahead is straight and clear, other times it is winding or jammed. Sometimes it’s a clear day, then other times you cant see out your windscreen. Sometimes we’re waiting for things to heat up, other times we are waiting for things to cool down. Sometimes the road is a tight squeeze, other times it is spacious and free. There are times where you are on your own. Other times you are taking people with you. Fuel levels run low, or you may have missed the turn. You may feel old and used, and the day of driving out the show room sparkling and new, is just a distant memory. You may be a distracted driver, or maybe a passenger is guiding you. You may have had to pull over because you are falling asleep at the wheel, or maybe you need to read the manual again because things aren’t working. Whatever state your car, life, is in, whatever state you are in, you are heading in the direction of Heaven – our true home and ultimate destination. The journey is temporary.

We all have our own ride. We all have our own car experiences, but whatever our circumstances along the road, our God can intervene. He can step in as our driver. He can reroute us from a dead end. He is with us in the lane changes, the mountaintops, and the breakdowns. He gives us a new car when the old one is burnt, and repairs the small parts of us that need work. He’s really good at cleaning and polishing us up. He’s the master of restoration and making old things new. He makes a way in the jams, and by His Holy Spirit, He fills up our fuel tank and guides us like the perfect GPS.  His manual, the Bible, is there to remind us how things work. He pulls us over when we aren’t doing what is good for us, and sets us straight again. What an assurance we have in God!

Rest assured that in this wild ride of life God is with you on your journey towards the prize (Philippians 3:14). Remember that it is only a journey, and not the destination.

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.