Fresh Hope – 26th October 2019

Why do people blame God for them not being where they want to be?

You see, I could sit on my backside all my life, not get any education or never go to work and then blame God that I’m not a multi-millionaire. A simple illustration to show that if I’m not where I want to be in life, it’s not God’s fault.
It’s true that we don’t all have the same start and the same opportunities. Yet when we are all old enough to make our own decisions, then that’s where we have to make some right choices.
The people of Israel took over 40 years to get to the promised land, when it should have actually taken them 11 days.  Was that God’s fault ? No, it was a result of them moaning, groaning and complaining against God and their leader Moses.
When we are in a situation that we maybe don’t like, be careful what your attitude and words are like. We don’t want to go round and round and round, when we could actually reach the place that God has for us much quicker.
They were people who got frustrated. They didn’t trust God when they should have been trusting Him and they blamed Moses for doing the very thing that God had told him to do!
Maybe you’re in a place right now you don’t understand… instead of blaming God, stand back for a moment and ask God to show you and teach you His ways.

The Bible tells me that His ways and thoughts are far higher than mine anyway (Isaiah 55 vs 8-9), so that’s why sometimes I don’t understand – that’s where trust comes in.

Don’t be like the people of Israel – most of them never even got to receive God’s promise for their lives. How sad is that?

God placed the opportunity right in front of them to be in the promised land in 11 days and yet they missed it.
So the next time you think you’re not where you want to be, look at the choices and decisions you’re making, look at the people who are around you and the attitude that you’re choosing; take a ‘check up from the neck up’.

Don’t miss out on your future. It is bright with hope.  Stay close to Jesus. He will lead you.

Pastor Gillian

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