Fresh Hope – 30th October 2019

Comparison truly is the thief of joy. Imagine how unhappy a fish would be if he based his value on his ability to hunt like he saw the lion hunting. Imagine how joyless a lion would be if he based his worth on his ability to hold his breath underwater like a fish. Imagine what a failure a giraffe would feel like, if he based his value on his ability to squeeze into an ant-hole.The problem is that we as humans do this. We look at someone else – someone with a completely different design, and wonder why we can’t do what they are able to do. Despite all being humans, we each have completely different designs, in order to fulfill a unique purpose for God.

In 1 Corinthians 12:12, Paul uses the metaphor of the body. The church makes up one body, but there are many parts to that one body. Each part is unique and has its own design, function and role. Each part needs the other to function in its own purpose. Imagine the toe feeling inadequate and worthless, trying to act as a brain. Or imagine the brain trying to function as a hand. It just isn’t going to work, and you will have a very unhappy brain and toe, because they aren’t functioning in their place of purpose, and ultimately the body will shut down – everyone loses out because parts of the body weren’t being themselves.

We are the body of Christ. When we aren’t being ourselves, playing our part, you lose out, and we lose out. When we compare our function, lives, gifts and abilities to another part of the body, not only do we forfeit the role God has for us to play, which then has detrimental effects on the whole body, we ourselves feel worthless, purposeless and unhappy. What part of the body are we looking at and wondering why we aren’t them?

There are 7.7 billion people currently on the planet. You are the only you of those 7.7 billion people. No one else has your eye-patterns, DNA, personality, stories, and fingerprints. God needs YOU. We need YOU. Only you can bring what YOU offer.

A krill looks like a prawn or shrimp. Tiny, perhaps insignificant – especially next to its predator – a whale. Yet krill is one of the most abundant and successful species on the planet. The total mass of all the earth’s krill is greater than any other species on earth. Next to a whale, a single krill looks like nothing, but together, krill weighs more than all the whales on earth! You may feel like a simple krill next to someone with a whale of abilities, gifts and profile, but you are part of successful team, known as the body of Christ. You play your part in contributing to the weight of influence on this earth.

You have a responsibility as an individual krill, a member of the body, as the only one in almost eight billion people, to take ownership for your unique life, and role. We need you to play your part. We need you to stay in your own line, focused on your unique journey with God, and His specific mandate to you as an individual.

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.