Fresh Hope – 5th November 2019

Earlier this year I decided to do something with the empty void that was our garden. I wanted to transform it into a great space for us as a family to be together during the long hot British summer that was just around the corner. I’m an optimist.


So I got a few quotes done for decking etc and realised it was going to cost a lot of money, which we didn’t really have. Then we went on our usual Easter holiday to St Ives, which with three children is never cheap.


One day we were visiting a beach and I was feeling a little heavy thinking about our finances, how much the holiday was costing and how I was going to struggle to afford any garden work. When we got back to the car I‘d got a parking ticket for £60! There wasn’t even a cheaper option if you paid it early! I was really fed up and it just added to my financial angst. Then I thought of the verse Romans 8.28 ‘God works all things for the good of those who love him!’ And I thought ‘how could this verse ever be true for this situation?’ So I irritatingly prayed “God how could you ‘work for the good’ a parking fine?”


Then suddenly I had a conviction rise inside of me, and in that very moment I decided to make the £60 fine an absolute bargain! I chose to make it the trigger for me to decide to transform the whole garden myself and save myself a whole lot of money!


Immediately I was on the internet sourcing and ordering materials. The week we got back I was underway and after three tough weeks, I was over the moon to have a great looking garden with decking, planters, benches and even ‘up lighters’ for effect.


I sat back and thought what an absolute bargain for £60!


There may be situations in your life you just don’t understand, seasons of loss where you feel no possible good could come from it. I truly believe in everything we go through, whether our own doing or not, we get to choose whether it becomes an absolute waste or an incredible bargain! To stand up and not allow the situation to dictate to us, but to make a decision to make it an opportunity, not to be a victim but to choose to be a victor!


Seek Him today. It’s our choice on what we call the things that happen, every complaint is a decision to lose out, every praise (in spite of circumstances) is a decision to win. Use all things to motivate you to put Jesus at the centre, making the most of where you are and what you have!


Luke Cartwright


A daily devotion for a better way of living.