Fresh Hope – 6th November 2019

Jesus promised that when the Holy Spirit comes upon us that ‘we will receive power’ (Acts 1:8). Either this was a promise or not! Therefore the Christian life should be marked by power!

Even the name ‘Holy Spirit’ can weird people out. As a result, often He is pushed aside or boxed in. Yet the greatest minister of the gospel – the greatest preacher, and teacher on earth is the Holy Spirit! True transformation is impossible without the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Everything else is simply behaviour modification which cannot be sustained like a heart transformation through the Holy Spirit can.

This should stir in us a hunger for an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Reigning in life starts with how we manage our internal world. There is a responsibility for us to allow the Holy Spirit to bring revival to our personal lives. Revival is essentially bringing what is dead to life. It is up to us to DAILY allow the Holy Spirit to come upon us so we can go out in power.

If your relationship with God seems lifeless, if you feel your Christian walk is lacking in power, invite the Holy Spirit in.
The Christian life was never supposed to be a boring, well-presented routine. The early church was actually birthed out of the fiery power of the Holy Spirit!

Don’t be a cardboard Christian – the form is there, it looks good on the outside, but the substance is missing. It looks like ‘the form of godliness’, but is missing the fire so to speak (2 Timothy 3:5). Don’t be luke warm – half in and half out. Jesus isn’t an add on to your life, He IS your life! (Revelation 3:16).

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, you have the capacity to change this city. What are you doing with what God has given you? Don’t settle for the crumbs, hunger for all that He has for you! The Holy Spirit works through desire and hunger!

Emma Burchell


A daily devotion for a better way of living.