Fresh Hope – 7th November 2019

If you ever visit an iconic landmark or property such as the Vatican, Buckingham palace or 10 Downing Street, you will always find guards at the door. Why guards at the doors and not the walls? Because doors are a place of access. What you allow to pass through the doors is what you give a degree of authority too. Allow the wrong thing to pass through the doors, and the result could be devastating.

In Exodus 12:13 they applied blood to the doorways. Why did they apply blood to the doorways and not the walls? Because the doorways represented a place of authority and access. They were seeking protection over their family, via the blood (representative of Jesus’ blood) on a place of access in their lives.

We also have doors and gates on our lives. What do we give permission to enter? What goes in? What goes out? Are we vigilantly guarding?

The doorway of our life is our mind. We should actively be applying the blood of Jesus to our thought lives. No, this does not mean we get blood and physically put it on our doorways! It is instead a matter of considering our thoughts before they pass the doorways of our life. Are the thoughts we partner with in alignment with the price Jesus paid for on the cross?  Does our thinking come from the perspective of what was purchased for us on the cross/the blood of Jesus? If they are thoughts that don’t align with the price Jesus paid, we should probably be stopping them at the door. If the thoughts knocking aren’t thoughts rooted in freedom, wholeness, victory, and provision, turn them away!

The gateway to your life is your mind. The enemy has no legal authority to touch you, unless you open the door, and grant Him access.Watch out, He will go after your thought life. Apply the blood. Guard your gateway!


Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.