Fresh Hope – 8th November 2019

I love period action movies, The Last Samurai, 300, Troy, even Apocalypto, all firm favourites. Stories of gallant heroes, outnumbered and surrounded, but because of unflinching dedication to a cause, fighting to the death for God and country. That’s one of the reasons I love reading the books of 1 and 2 Chronicles in the Bible. They contain fascinating historical accounts of the conquests of kings and villains, depositions and rebellions, each chapter is a blockbuster in its own right. But just like modern life, interwoven in this tapestry of valour, are threads of lack of faith, fear, and doubt.


In 2 Chronicles Chapter 29, King Hezekiah set out to restore and rededicate the temple where they had previously worshipped God. He instructs the priests to prepare themselves, and recruits some help for them from the Levites in anticipation of the work ahead.

But later in verse 34, “it turned out that the Levites had been more responsible in making sure they were properly consecrated than the priests had been”


This made me stop and think. Daily, we each conquer battles, for some, that battle is just getting out of bed and facing the world. For others, it’s going through another day without falling back into debt, addiction or depression. Maybe your battle is one you’ve never shared, and that has become another battle, the fear of someone finding out.

But during these battles, how often do we ask someone to pray with us, believing for a miracle, then it turns out that the person we’ve confided in has more faith than we do?

Hebrews 11 verse 6 says simply that when you ask God for something, ask with faith that you will receive it, and then act like you believe you’ll get what you prayed for, and overcome whatever challenge you’re facing.


As we approach Remembrance Sunday where we commemorate the contribution of the fallen so we can be free today, take a moment to reflect on the battles Jesus has brought you through, and let your faith rise, and let your actions reflect your renewed faith that you will overcome.

Noble Mudenha

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