Fresh Hope – 25th November 2019

One of the things that you notice whilst driving in the USA is that on the motorway (freeway) they have a carpool lane, which is called the HOV lane, it stands for ‘high occupancy vehicle’. 

It means that if you have two or more passengers, then you can use this lane and avoid the traffic jams. Genius! 

It’s especially helpful in cities and built up areas during peak hours where the traffic is really busy,  It’s there to encourage people to travel together rather than solo in their car. One thing I noticed on my recent trip, is the relief we experienced when we could use the HOV lane and speed past the rest of the traffic!

However,  another observation I made is that some people were happy to sit in the traffic jam when they could’ve used the lane, in other words they had more than two passengers in the car, but for some reason didn’t want to get to where they were going quickly! Why would you want to sit in a traffic jam and waste valuable time, when you could get to your destination a lot quicker?Because you have the very thing that you need to get you there, and that is the right amount of passengers.

God has given us everything we need to get to our destination quickly, directly and efficiently.

The children of Israel were given the option and opportunity to get to the promised land in approximately 11 days,  however due to their decisions and attitudes, they wasted valuable time when they could have got to their destination a lot quicker. It actually took them 40 years and some of them never got there at all.

Whilst being a passenger in the fast lane,  I looked at people in the traffic jam who could have been in our lane, and thought why… why would you not want to move over?

I wonder if God has the same feelings about us? Why would you make a journey last so long when you could get there a lot quicker? We have the tools we need, we can get the wisdom we need and we have the very one we need on our side. God himself.  

One final thought.The high occupancy vehicle lane is there to enable people who travel together, to get there a lot quicker. When you travel with the right people, you too can experience the same.  Life is better together.  Get moving!

Pastor Gillian

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