Fresh Hope – 27th November 2019

At the start of the year I wrote a list of personal goals. I split the goals into categories: spiritual, health/fitness, relationships, financial etc. 

I recently reviewed the list of goals and was pleased to find that a lot of the goals had been achieved. Things that seemed like huge mountains at the beginning of the year really seemed quite trivial and attainable reviewing them on the other side of the year. 

I have already started considering what I might put on my 2020 goals list. While I don’t think our lives should be totally goal driven, I think it is important to have a sense of intentionality in what we are doing with our time and where we are going. 

Time is the only non-renewable resource we have. Once gone, we never get it again. There isn’t an unlimited supply of it. It really is precious. 

I believe one of the key characteristics of someone stewarding their time well is someone who doesn’t just let life happen, but carefully considers it and acts with intentionality and purpose. 

We may be facing overwhelming situations at the moment. You may feel like you are in survival mode and don’t really have the capacity for goal setting, but I believe God honours us and our goals when we commit our plans to Him and present specific requests to Him, even when we are just getting by one day at a time. 

Can I encourage you to pray over the last leg of the year for God to give you some fresh perspective, some fresh hope, some fresh ideas for the new year?

Practically speaking, if you are a looking for some handles on how to improve your use of time and operate with more intentionality, consider: 

What do I need to stop worrying about that is out of my control? 

What do I need to start including in my day that feeds my soul? 

Who do I need to unfollow – in life or on social media? 

When is the last time I got lost in the wonder of the word? 

What consumes too much of my head or heart space that is unhealthy? 

When is the last time I did something for my husband, friend or work mate – just to see them smile? 

What did I do today to prioritise my health (mind, body and soul)? 

When is the last time I did something for the first time? 

What can I start today to make a positive impact on my future? (saving, investing, reading or writing).

God always has something new for you, and His desire is to see you walk into 2020 with a fresh sense of faith for your future. 

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.