Fresh Hope – 7th December 2019

Have you ever felt stuck? Have you ever got to a place of feeling you’ve hit rock bottom? If so, don’t despair, there is hope!

In  Luke 15 vs 11-32 we read the story of two brothers; one decided that he knew best, took his share of his father’s inheritance and off he went and blew the whole lot on riotous living.  
He was so desperate and hungry that he ended up with a job feeding pigs. It was there in the ‘pig muck’ that he came to his senses.  Whilst he was at the lowest of the low, he had two choices. Do I stay where I am and blame God? Or do I admit that I was wrong, made a wrong choice and messed up and go back to my father?

Fortunately, we are told “he came to his senses” (vs 17) and went back home.  He decided that even the servants in his Dad’s house would be eating better than him. 

Two things to notice about His Dad. 1. He let him go willingly. That’s like God with us – He lets us make our own choices, even when he knows they are wrong for us. It’s called free will. 

2. He welcomed him back with open arms, no judgement, just grace and mercy…gave him the best clothes and threw a party! That’s like our God.  He just wants us to come to our senses and often he will allow a ‘pig muck’ experience into our lives so that we will realise it. 

If you’re in the muck today, good. It’s an opportunity to make a new decision, a new choice.  The right decision, the right choice. It was the muck that made this guy see what he needed to see. 
Final thought: never be too proud to go back home. It’s where you belong.  God is only a prayer away. 

Pastor Gillian
A daily devotion for a better way of living.