Fresh Hope – 9th December 2019

The king of kings, the saviour of the world, was born not in a palace, not in a castle, not with a big, grand royal announcement, but in… a barn. Surrounded by animals. With the smell of poo and hay in the air. This is how the most precious and powerful person of all time entered this world. Jesus was birthed into a mess. But even his birth was a prophetic statement about who he was. 

Jesus came as a humble servant. He was king, but He came as a man to serve. He wasn’t after a platform, a stage or grand entrance. He came as a representation of you and me – born perhaps in unexpected and humble circumstances, but called. He also came as a representation of God – a God who isn’t afraid to get involved in our mess. 

The first lesson we can gain from Jesus’ birth situation is: 1. Don’t ignore the assuming. This could be those unassuming people around you, or perhaps it is yourself! God loves to use the most unassuming and humble people and situations to do the most powerful things. We are trained to have our attention taken by the shining, sparkling, perfected aspects of our society, but that is not where God was found. He was found in a pile of hay in a random town. Don’t assume that the greatest gifts in life are going to come from perfect places. They could come from something very ordinary or even messy. 

The second lesson we can gain from Jesus’ birth situation is: 2. Be prepared for mess. Mary had agreed to carry the saviour of the world, taking on all the drama and judgment that would have come along with it too. You think God would have at least rewarded her with a really nice place to birth the saviour…not a barn! Surely God could have pulled off something a little less messy? Buuut God had a message in all this. Beautiful things are birthed in mess. The perfect, clean-cut circumstances around your life aren’t what determines the value of who you are and what God has for you. Messy life circumstances don’t change who you are! 

Jesus is no less the messiah based on where He was born. 

This Christmas, if your life feels a little messy, perfect! Consider what God may be birthing through it all. 

I think God was so intentional about Jesus’ birth being in a mess. I think there is part of all of us that can connect with a God who comes to meet humanity in a mess.

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.