Fresh Hope – 10th December 2019

How often in life do we miss out on something wonderful because we are completely ignorant of it – sometimes by choice? I can personally think of many times where I have chosen to remain ignorant and missed out because I haven’t taken time to explore and discover. I’ve settled for the easy and comfortable option. I didn’t bother reading reviews, checking offers, ensuring the deadlines, researching what the Bible really means in its true context. Rather than seeking out truth, I have passively been feed ideas from media and others sources, allowing these means to form my opinions. Ignorance and choosing to not seek out knowledge is dangerous. 

I recently considered how people who are not interested in the Christian faith probably don’t understand God and Christianity simply because perhaps they have never truly been curious or interested enough in it. Maybe if they had a genuine interest, taken the time to consider life’s deeper questions, and truly explored, then I imagine relationship with God might be very hard for them to deny or resist.

In short, when we choose not to explore and learn we actually miss out on something wonderful! Some people would rather remain as they are, then actively seek out and discover something that would change their life. 

Ignorance leaves you where you are – comfortable and small. Seeking out knowledge and understanding propels you forward and opens up your world. 

Proverbs, the book of wisdom, speaks over and over about the importance of having a hunger to learn more, and gain wisdom and understanding. 

‘An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge’, Proverbs 18:15. 

‘A man of knowledge enhances his might’, Proverbs 24:5. 

‘Blessed is the one who gets understanding’, Proverbs 3:3. 

We should have a curious heart, hungry to learn, eager to search out truth, knowledge and answers. 

Part of ‘loving the Lord with your mind’ (Luke 10:27), is using it to gain wisdom and understanding, and refusing to remain ignorant! Imagine the rich reward that waits on the other side of understanding! 

There is more for all of us than what we know now! Ask God those big questions, seek out the answers, research the wisdom of God on topics, speak to experienced people. Grow in wisdom and understanding and develop a love for learning!

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.