Fresh Hope – 27th December 2019

Maybe you are pulling up to the end of the year feeling exhausted, and a bit battered and bruised. We can all reflect on the year that has been and undoubtedly recall moments that weren’t easy. Days that were not planned on January 1st 2019. Days where you needed God – empty tank days and desperate days. 

We can reach the end of a year and feel like we are ready to kiss it goodbye and start with a January 1st clean slate. But like the January 1st before it, the New Year promises a year of both highlights and lowlights – this is the reality of real life, and the life that Jesus told us we would experience. What is important is how we walk out every season – our attitude and approach. Psychologists have concluded that our quality of life is more about our attitude and approach amidst difficulties, than it is the difficulties that we encounter. 

So what should be our approach?

Firstly, God promises us that we should not be fearful about the future. He tells us not to worry about ANYTHING (Matthew 6:25). 

God has plans for you this year. And they are plans to allow you to fly (Jeremiah 29:11). He promises that as we trust Him in 2020, He will make our paths straight (Proverbs 3:5-6). 

Consider His goodness towards you in 2019. His faithfulness. His voice in the dark times, the fact that you are alive today with another year of lessons under your belt. Reflect on the times that God showed new mercy and grace to you. Be grateful that the best is yet to come.

Before we brush an entire year under the mat because of burn-out, struggles or disappointments let us continue to be prayerful for the future, and so thankful for the year that has been (Philippians 4:6-7). 

Emma Burchell

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