Fresh Hope – 28th December 2019

In Luke 2, we read the story of the birth of Jesus and in the same chapter (vs 41-52) we also read some 12 years on when Jesus went to the temple with his parents and they lost him!

His parents were in relationship with him (obviously) yet still managed to lose him. Notice how and where they lost him…by observing customs and traditions. It was their custom to go to the temple for the feast. They were busy doing what they had to do and even though what they were doing was good, they still lost him. We need to all make sure that Jesus does not get lost in our customs or traditions…the way we always do things, even though they seem good…we have to be careful, because we can still forget Him in the midst of our busyness. 

In verse 44 it says “they presumed he was with them” – presumption is the sin of over- familiarity. They thought he was with them. Presumption is dangerous, it can lead to many mistakes and upsets. Notice it took them one day to lose him and three days to find him! I love what Jesus says back to his parents (v 49) “ I wasn’t lost, I was here in my Father’s House” In other words, I wasn’t lost, you were. Jesus is always near, if we feel He isn’t, guess who moved? 

As one year comes to a close and another begins, make sure Jesus is close, make sure your customs and traditions and busyness haven’t got in the way of Him being in your life and working in your life. 

Don’t presume He is with you… make sure He is. 

Pastor Gillian

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