Fresh Hope – 15th January 2020

There seems to be a popular idea that ‘hustling’ or being busy and stressed is necessary in order to achieve. Juggling plates, missing sleep, living off of coffee, and calling it ‘hard work’ is the new normal, and sometimes even celebrated as an esteemed quality.  

In Jesus’ ministry on earth, I never read of Him being in a hurry. In fact, much of his effectiveness and fruitfulness was a direct result of being UNHURRIED. He stopped on many of his journeys to pause and talk, heal and deliver people. Equally, there were times where he stopped listening to the demands of people, as valid as they may have been, to get away to the quiet place with the Father (Mark 1:35-39). Jesus didn’t hustle. What he did do was ALIGN. He aligned to the voice of the Father. When God said, ‘stop’, he stopped. When God said, ‘get away’, Jesus got away. The voice of God was His primary priority, regardless of whatever else was pulling on Him. 

Our lives would be far more productive and fruitful, if we pursued the voice of the Father, rest, time in ‘the secret place’, and alignment, rather than ‘hustle’ to the point of exhaustion. 

Alignment means to ‘place in a straight line’. In order for you to make something straight, you have to align it up against something perfectly straight as the standard. To rule a straight line in a book, you need a ruler to align your pencil. To hang a picture on the wall straight, you need a spirit level as the standard as to which we measure the frame to. Our lives need alignment and the voice of God does this for us. 

When our schedules and energy levels are in shambles, we must question, ‘what are we aligning ourselves against?’. Is it the voice of God, or is it the demands of people and life? Our lives should be pulled into the alignment of His priorities for us then ‘He will make our paths straight’ (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.