Fresh Hope – 17th January 2020

Recently I read an online newspaper article about a young 26 year old woman with a PhD and a great job in a laboratory who according to the article took her own life because of bullying. A tragic and more and more common story. There were hundreds of comments left by people online, and they all pretty much said the same thing, ‘the bullies must be held to account’ ‘we must eradicate bullying from society’ basically they were all saying the issue in the story and society at large is bullying, and if we could just stop them then what a better place the world would be. 

This is the predicament in today’s culture. Trying to make life better by removing any adverse situations rather than looking at the real issue. The problem with this thought process is if you remove all adverse scenarios you will have no life left. Bullying is an awful human tendency, but the reality is if you get rid of all the bullies you would need to eradicate the human race. If you have ever made a cheap joke at someone’s expense then you’ve bullied, and if you’ve ever been made to feel uncomfortable then you’ve been bullied. 

The real issue in life is simple, we don’t really know who we are! We don’t realise just how incredibly important and immeasurably precious we are. If only this girl knew the truth of how she was loved and what hope there was in a relationship with her maker in heaven, she would not have even contemplated what she did. 
In Johns gospel we read the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet, what’s interesting is the 2 verses before he begins to serve.

John 13:3-4 | NIV3 Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God; 4 so he got up from the meal, took off his outer clothing, and wrapped a towel around his waist. 

Jesus lived his life 100% from the knowledge of who he was! He served and gave himself, not to earn or receive anything, but from the secure knowledge that he was the son of God! I want to encourage you today in what ever season you find yourself, live from the safety of knowing you are a child of God! Understand circumstances can be tough, and as long as you’re alive you will have tough circumstances, don’t live a frustrated life trying to create a perfect environment, but instead wrap a towel around your waste and in the knowledge you were chosen before the creation of the world, serve and live in freedom!

Luke Cartwright

A daily devotion for a better way of living.