Fresh Hope – 24 January 2020

How would you empty a lake? One bucketful at a time!

It sounds very simple, but in practice, it’s very easy to be cynical or show contempt for the little things in life, especially ones that don’t seem to provide big, immediate results.

In Luke 13 verses 6 to 8, Jesus tells a parable of a man who went through a vineyard he owned, and when he didn’t find fruit on one of the trees, demanded to have it cut down. The gardener instead asks to be given a year where he promises to consciously take better care of the tree in the hope that it would produce some fruit and thereby save it.

This gardener is a lot like us. He was in charge of the garden, but hadn’t been concerned with tending to the tree because his attention was focused on other trees that bore good fruit.

It’s well known that the best hardwood comes from slow growing trees. Each year, they grow new leaves, knowing full well that the leaves will grow and eventually fall off, but that knowledge doesn’t make them stop the process.

As we grow, we also go through seasons where we’re looking vibrant, full of life, and growth is evident to everyone looking at us.

Then seasons come where from the outside, it looks like you’re down and out, as if you’ve thrown in the towel.

Throughout the different seasons, the tree remains rooted in the same place.

Wherever you find yourself today, the dry season is not the time to give up and move away from the things God has spoken to you to do. He allows you to develop through slow processes, but you have to remain consistent in your prayer life, and faith that not only is God growing you, but He is preparing you for greater things to come.

As Napoleon Hill said, “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”

Noble Mudenha

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