Fresh Hope – 25th January 2020

Have you ever met a double minded person? Of course you have. People who say one thing and do another; people who are ‘yes’ one day and ‘no’ the next. 

The Bible teaches in James 1 that we are not to be doubleminded, because if we are, we will receive nothing. This is what it says about being double-minded in prayer. Verses 6 & 7  “but when you ask, you must believe and not doubt.. that person should not expect to receive anything for the Lord”

  That’s a challenge to each one of us. How many of us have been in a prayer meeting, praying for someone who needs a miracle, then as we get onto the car park, our speech doesn’t match up to our ‘faith filled ‘ prayer?  “What a shame for that person etc, they are so sick, there’s no hope etc”.Or maybe you’ve asked God to meet your need and one minute you’re believing in prayer for a miracle, the next you’re speaking the opposite. 
Be careful.  The Word of God teaches we will receive NOTHING if we are like that.  

I noticed something this week just a few verses earlier in vs 2-4…(you should always read the context of the verses).
It says we should consider it joy when we face trials of many kinds, because it will produce perseverance…THEN it goes on to say about not being double minded.  

I wonder why?  It’s because when we face trials and difficulties it’s easy to get into two trains of thought…Will God or won’t He? Faith v doubt. Yes God can v maybe He can’t? Is He with me or not?

Today, be single minded. Even if you’re going through a trial. Be true to the courage of your convictions and what you know to be true. Stand firm on the promises of God. If you don’t believe it, don’t pray it. For a double minded person will receive nothing.  

Pastor Gillian

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