Fresh Hope – 20th June 2020

How many of you look at people’s shoes?

Some may wear the wrong colour for their outfit, some may wear some that are too big or too small, some people may wear really old ones that have gone out of style, some may have new ones every week…

I wonder what shoes you are wearing today?
Our purpose in life is a lot like shoes – God has the perfect fit for each of us.
Have you ever thought someone’s shoes were totally unsuitable for their age or stage of life? How many little girls loved to dress in ‘Mommy’s shoes’, yet obviously we wouldn’t allow them to wear them for school or even outside, they may fall and really hurt themselves. How many little boys have wanted to wear ‘daddy’s work boots’, yet again, only for ‘dressing up’.

What are your shoes like today? Are they suitable for you? You see, wearing the right shoes, and walking in the purposes of God for YOUR life is a perfect fit. You will go where you’re supposed to go, be who you’re supposed to be and fulfil the purpose that GOD has for you. One size does not fit all when it comes to God’s purposes for us.

We each have a different one. Yes, we are all created to love God and love people and bring others to know Him, but in doing that, we have each been designed specifically and beautifully unique. We all have the same mission, but a different part of it.

I love the story of David when he was going to fight Goliath. You can read about it in 1 Samuel 17 vs 38-40. King Saul wanted David to wear his armour; the offer came with good intentions and right motives, yet it was completely wrong for David. He had to keep his ‘shepherd boy’ shoes on and fight Goliath as he knew best, with a sling and some stones, not with some huge heavy armour.

You may like other people’s shoes. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that doesn’t mean they are right for you. Walk with the shoes on that God has given you to wear. Other’s shoes will be too big, too small, won’t fit, will hurt you, cause you to stumble, not be able to run and you will be ineffective in them, just like David knew he would be in Saul’s armour. Your shoes may not be as ‘flashy’ as someone else’s. I’m sure David was tempted by the offer of the King’s armour, but just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.
You never see athletes swapping shoes. No, they have a specific pair reserved for them and them only, ready to run their OWN race!

If you don’t know what shoes you’re supposed to wear, ask God, He will help you – and if you’re trying to wear someone else’s, get out of them quick and into your own. For that’s where you will be most effective… and everyone will say “WOW, look at their shoes” and like David, you too will be a hero.

Pastor Gillian

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