Fresh Hope – 25th July 2020

God calls us to be brave. Brave and courageous. 

I’ve been reminded this week of how brave Esther had to be in the Old Testament. Brave to go and see the king on behalf of the entire Jewish nation. Brave enough to not let the fact that she might get her head chopped off in the process deter her! Her bravery brought about the deliverance of the Jews and a great victory!

To firstly get brave, she needed to pray, fast and put on her royal robes. You see there’s preparation to getting brave. Some of us may naturally ‘feel brave’ in certain situations and others may not. But when we spend time in the presence of an Almighty God and when we seek His face, then He gives us supernatural courage for any situation.

Maybe you’re feeling nervous right now about a new season, maybe you don’t know what the future will hold… be brave, God has the perfect plan.  Maybe you have to ‘deal’ with something, like Esther did, or confront a situation you know isn’t right. 

Today the word to you is simple. Be brave. 
Daniel was brave when he went into the den of lions, he did so because he wouldn’t bow down to foreign gods. The same for the three guys who got thrown into the fire because they stood for their God. 

David was brave in 1 Samuel 30, when he had to go and get back everything that the enemy had stolen. He did, and he got victory!
Don’t let the enemy tell you that you can’t do it, because you can!

You won’t see a victory, if you’re not brave. Pray and praise through it…and the victory will be yours.  

Pastor Gillian

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