Fresh Hope – 6th August 2020

I recently read a Mark Comer’s book, ‘The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry’. After so many people recommending I read it, I am now going to do the same to you!

I thought I would leave you with a few golden nuggets from the book, and elaborate on a few parts that challenged me. 

Everyone is wearing a mask right now (totally necessary, I understand). On the train, in the shops, the other day I got a massage and the girl massaging me was wearing a mask! I was in Spain last week and trying to speak simple English so the Spanish could understand me, with only my eyes showing, was a challenge! 

Wearing a mask is so not natural or normal, but it has become normal because everyone is doing it all the time. Isn’t it funny how the most unusual, unnatural thing can become totally normal and acceptable when everyone is doing it for long enough? Hurry has become like that. Everyone is hurried, everyone has been doing it for long enough – so it’s just normal now. But just because something has become the norm, it doesn’t make it right. Hurry actually goes against our design. And whenever we go against our God-given design, things don’t work. 

Our society is so hurried that we are too busy to live emotionally healthy and spiritually rich lives. A blunt statement perhaps, but hurry and being busy isn’t Christian, in fact, it is anti-Christ. Why? Because being hurried and busy has the exact same effect on us as sin – it cuts off your connection to God, to other people and even to your own soul. 

Love has the highest value in the kingdom of God, but love is painfully slow, consuming and demanding at times. Therefore hurry and love are incompatible. Think about it – your worst moments were probably when you were in a hurry!

Our modern day society does not celebrate slow. We have to fight for slow and simple. 

You were designed to live from a place of love, joy and peace. Hurry does not allow for these things. Hurry never advances your soul. Hurry is actually a sign of a disordered life and heart. 

And before you think it, the answer to eliminating hurry is not more time. The answer is to simplify your life to what really matters. 

Jesus was never hurried. Many of us want the life of Jesus, but are not willing to adopt the lifestyle of Jesus. Jesus led an unhurried life (and yes, He had many demands). He kept His primary focus on making time and space for God, and loving people. In fact, the more busy his life got, the more He actually withdrew away to the secret place. 

Jesus needed time in the quiet place – think about that. Perfect Jesus. How much more do you? 

Let’s work hard to rest well. Paul challenged us to ‘make it your ambition to live a quiet life’ (1 Thessalonians 4:11). Did you catch that? Not work hard to have a loud life, or an important life, or an impactful life. Work hard at finding, rest and peace! 

And yes, ‘to live a quiet life in a world of noise is a fight, a calm rebellion against the status quo’, but it is a fight not just for a good life, but also a good soul! 

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.