Fresh Hope – 22nd August 2020

In Mark 4 vs 35-41 is the account of Jesus travelling with His disciples to ‘the other side’ of the lake and in the meantime, on that journey there was a VIOLENT storm that produced great fear and uncertainty. 

Let’s look at verse 40… Jesus asked them “why are you so afraid?” Jesus wanted to know WHY they were afraid? Isn’t that obvious you may say? Not necessarily…. go back to verse 35 “Let us go to the other side.”

Jesus had a plan. It involved a boat, a boat ride, a journey and a destination. So in the middle of that journey a storm comes, yet Jesus’ word to them was “we are going to the other side.” Jesus didnt need their questions and doubts. He just needed their trust. “let us go to the other side” – He had already declared the ending. 

If we know the truth, why do we worry or doubt when things don’t go as we expected? 

A storm threw them into panic and confusion… WHEN it actually shouldn’t have, because Jesus had told them where they were going and in effect was saying, “we ARE going to get there and everything is going to be alright.”

So here’s my thought for you today: Don’t let the enemy ‘throw’ you into confusion. Instead, throw him into confusion!

He wants you to worry, fear, to be anxious, he even wants to take you out of your race. Instead be joyful, be at peace, let your trust in God be strong (no matter what the circumstances). Jesus is in your boat, He’s got this, He has promised to never leave you or forsake you. So why let the devil win? He is looking for you to be fearful, my friend. He thinks he knows how you will react. Prove him wrong!

My Bible tells me that if I resist the devil, he will flee. (James 4 vs 7).
An attitude of trust and being joyful in a storm, when the enemy thinks you should be doing the opposite, will always bring a BREAKTHROUGH. 
Make sure you know the truth – and throw the enemy of your soul into confusion today! 

Pastor Gillian

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