Fresh Hope – 1st September 2020

Are you needing some wisdom from God? Are you needing an answer from the Almighty Himself?    If so, this will encourage you…The book of Daniel is a mighty one.  

Mighty for the fact that Daniel was not even touched when he got thrown into a lion’s den! (God will protect you when your enemy surrounds you). But it’s about prayer and seeking God for answers. Answers that others may not be able to get, you can, by prayer. 

In Daniel chapter 2, the King needed his dream interpreted. No one could do it… so in verses 17-19 we read that Daniel went home and said to his friends, ‘we need to pray, we need the mystery to be solved.’

They knew that if they couldn’t, then their lives may be ‘on the line’. During that night and during prayer the mystery was revealed.

I love how Daniel DID NOT go home and panic or worry, instead he said “let’s pray”. If you focus on the problem, the problem gets bigger. If you focus on God, the problem gets smaller and smaller.  
God will always answer His children.  If you’re a good parent and your child comes to you for wisdom, help or knowledge, you’re going to give it. How much more will our Heavenly Father give to those of us who ask?

Don’t stay confused or worried any longer. Get to prayer! Even if like Daniel, you have to stay up at night and take time to talk to God, do it.  Maybe it’s so important, that like Daniel, your life or your future is on the line. Don’t see prayer as a last resort, see it as the FIRST thing you do. 

See your problem decrease and your wisdom increase. See the path you need to take. See the answer from the one who knows everything. 
God is ONLY a prayer away. When no one else can seem to figure it out, you will. Because you took time out as a child to go to your Father.  

Pastor Gillian 

A daily devotion for a better way of living.