Fresh Hope – 24th September 2020

Recently I have felt challenged to pray for the geographical area in which I live. I was hearing story after story, through various podcasts, of people testifying as to how they prayed for the geographical area in which they live and started seeing breakthroughs. They started to feel and see an atmosphere shift. Darkness to light. God started giving specific words of knowledge as to what was going on in certain homes, and how to pray for them, crime rates started to drop, notorious drug spots no longer were hot spots. Essentially, the kingdom of God came to the suburbs of these people, through prayer. God was speaking to me through these stories, asking me why I too was not praying for my streets – streets that desperately need Jesus. 

Did you know that God has determined the place in which you should live? The Bible says, ‘God determined the times set for you and the exact places where you should live’ (Acts 17:26). 

There is purpose in where you have been placed. 

The church was never made to stay in a little Sunday bubble, in a building. The church is called to GO OUT into the world and bring the kingdom of heaven (joy, peace, beauty, wholeness), to earth. This is our mandate (Mark 16:17)! This is YOUR mandate. We have been given a heavenly authority (Matthew 28:18) to pray into order anything that is not in alignmentwith the way of heaven. 

We are called to bring the kingdom of light into areas of darkness. If you live amongst crime, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, theft, lack of ambition and hope, dysfunctional families, generational poverty mentality, then you have been purposefully positioned to call forth the purpose of heaven to your geographical area. Rather than judge, criticise and complain, PRAY! Pray for generational cycles to be broken, pray for opportunities to change a culture – opportunities to encourage, be generous, and display the gospel. Pray for demonic activity that has been operating to leave! 

(A positive of all this mask wearing, is that you can literally walk around your shopping centre and grocery store, praying behind it without looking like a total freak!).

There is a heavenly responsibility on us as the church to not be self-contained, self-focused, comfortable people, but rather powerful people who shift atmospheres, change cultures and usher in transformation!

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.