Fresh Hope – 29th September 2020

Have you ever asked the question, ‘who am I?’ Have you ever struggled with knowing your true identity? I believe that in order to establish who you are, you must also uncover who you’re not.

Let me present to you three ‘who you’re nots’ today…
Firstly, you are not your issue. You may have an issue, but that issue is not your identity. You may be a wife who’s unable to conceive, but that is not the sum total of who you are.
You may be struggling with an addiction, but an addict is not your identity. It is possible that over time your issue has merged itself with your identity, but you need to know today that you are not your issue.

Secondly, you are not what others have called you. You may have been called ugly, stupid, worthless, a mistake, but none of those things are true about you. Just because it was spoken over your life doesn’t mean it gets to define who you are. No doubt it hurt, no doubt it has affected you in some way, but you need to know that the labels that have been placed on you do not determine your identity… you are not what you have been called.

And thirdly, you are not what you do.What you do does not define who you are. What you do is what you do, not the sum total of who you are. Yes you have a purpose to fulfil, and yes there is something amazing about a person who operates in their purpose, but it does not define you. Your value is not found in your occupation, nor is it found in your title, or lack thereof, it is found in who you are.

So who am I? You’re God’s creation. His child. His son. His daughter. Created in His image. Before you were born, before you could do anything, good or bad, His mind was made up about you. Your identity had already been set in place. You are His, and nothing you can do and nothing anyone can say can change that.

Who am I? You are not your issue, you are not what others have called you and you are not what you do. You, my friend are a child of God – that is who you are.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.