Fresh Hope – 7th October 2020

Often we conceal fear behind words like; concern or worry. ‘It’s not fear, I’m just anxious’ or ‘I’m just concerned about this’. 

Worry is fear! Anxiety is fear! And usually concern is fear! 

Studies have shown that around 95% of what we worry about never happens, and the remaining 5% we are well equipped to handle and work through. 

In the words of Mark De Jesus, ‘Fear keeps us living in constant protection of possible doom while remaining disconnected from present life… worry is a complete joy thief’. I would add to that and say worry is a complete life thief! 

Jesus actually told us not to worry about tomorrow. Jesus wanted us to be present today (Matthew 6:34). 

We are blessed to live in the comfort of the first world, but one of the down sides of an industrialised nation, is that more intense and competitive pressures arise for society to produce and perform at high levels. The statistics of stress and depression in first world countries is not to be envied and surely we must ask ourselves what we are doing wrong! 

Reasons anxiety, stress and depression are so high: 

1. We always need/have to be busy. We have no time to sit with the Prince of Peace.

2. We don’t have time to stop and process emotions and matters of the heart (which causes anxieties to build up to breaking point).

 3. We maintain relentless, ultimately unsatisfying consumerist lifestyles. 

4. We feed our souls with entertainment that does not build us up and edify us. 

We were not designed to carry any of the above. Fear, stress, worry and anxiety are not part of our DNA. 

There is an enemy who is out to choke the life from you through stress, worry, and anxiety. He knows that these things will stop you from being a powerful person, operating as your true self – someone who is bold, fruitful, and confident. 

Despite what is considered socially normal and therefore acceptable, tension and pressure is not. Peace, calmness and stability are our true calling. 

Be careful what you are feeding yourself with. Your thoughts have a source. Particularly in these days, we MUST hit pause, get in the presence of God, encounter His peace, process, and simplify.

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.