Fresh Hope – 16th October 2020

Just last week, I’d been wearing a jumper at home and for a few minutes I’d been in the kitchen where my Dad was cooking. As I was getting into bed that night, I took the jumper off and realised it smelled of cooking – I’m sure you’re familiar with the experience! Rather than putting it straight in the washing basket, I put it beside my bed and thought I’d deal with it in the morning.

When I picked it up the next day, to my surprise, it smelled fresh, like it had been washed… initially I couldn’t figure out why until I realised that I had placed it on top of another item of clothing that had been washed. The fresh odour on the one item made its way onto the other and left that smelling fresh too.

The power of proximity!

If we were honest, we’d all say that we have areas in our lives that don’t smell so good… maybe it’s our short temper, pride, a negative attitude, and so on.

But as someone who has committed their life to following Jesus, one thing I have noticed as I walk with Him is that He rubs off on me. His forgiveness helps my unforgiveness. His humility helps my pride. The way He treats people shapes the way I want to treat people.

Am I saying that I’m now perfect and without flaws? Absolutely not! But I realise that being in close proximity to Jesus has changed and is changing who I am.

In the same way as my dirty jumper didn’t affect the clean washing, our issues are not too big for Jesus. It’s Him who changes us, not the other way around.

You can say today, ‘Jesus, change me. Make me more like you. Take the parts of me that don’t smell so good and help my life to produce a sweet aroma.’ I promise you this, if you allow Him to, He’ll begin to change your life, just as He is changing mine.

Caleb Burchell
A daily devotion for a better way of living.