Fresh Hope – 17th October 2020

Following on from my message on Sunday ‘The Fear of the 5000’,  (you can get it on You Tube if you missed it or on this app), I want to return to that final part.  In 2 Chronicles 20 vs 15 – 23, we read another amazing account of how God turned an impending defeat into a massive victory.  

Maybe you’re facing what you feel may be a defeat right now. God wants you to understand it doesn’t have to be that way. Our mind sees a problem, a difficulty, an impossibility and easily defaults to DEFEAT approaching.

No, it doesn’t have to be that way.  King Jehoshaphat was facing a defeat, but God spoke to him and told him very clearly  “you will have to take up your position, but you will not have to fight this battle” (vs 17).

Often, God will lead us to a battle, He will tell us to “take our position” but then He will tell us we don’t have to fight.  Many of us run from battles, we run and hide from the enemy, I believe God is saying it’s time to front the enemy, like it is with a bully, you need to front up to them. All the time, remembering this:

 -1 John 4 vs 4 – “He that is in me, is greater than he that is in the world”,

-Romans 8 vs 31 –  “If God is for me, who can be against me?”.

Don’t be scared of what you see. Believe, trust in whom is with you. 
I love that we read he goes on to worship, he gets everyone around him to worship. Many of us default to worry, or complaining… NO, spend time worshipping instead.  

See what happens: Verse 22 “as they began to worship, the LORD set ambushes against the enemy.” Who set the ambush? The Lord did. Your job is to worship, His job is to sort. Are you going to worship?

Are you going to trust Him today? 

Pastor Gillian

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