Fresh Hope – 21st October 2020

How we process the times we are in is really important. It can be easy to capitulate to the spirit of the age – one of doom and gloom, depression and negativity. I’m not saying we ignore our disappointments and frustrations, but what we do with them is vital.

We need to be people who perceive what is happening through the eyes of God. 

As people of God, we are actually born for times like these! We carry the spirit of God, we carry a hope and perspective that is counter-cultural! We process trials and tests differently. We carry a champion spirit – the spirit of a victor and an overcomer. This is our time to step up as people of faith, not of fear! 

May our lives be a testament to the peace, joy, and promise that God offers the world. Let’s carry the presence of God in these days. 

Kris Vallotton offers some brilliant wisdom on how to process these times: 

1. Remember your core values. Remember what you are about. If we don’t develop our core values in these times, the world will shape them for us. 

2. Feed your mind on the truth. ‘When you meditate on the word of God you are bulldozing new neural pathways in your brain that train your mind with TRUTH.’

3. Feelings are great servants, but terrible masters. Don’t allow them to dictate your life. Acknowledge them, take them to God, but don’t set up camp with them. 

4. Don’t let varying opinions divide you. A family is connected by love, not an agreement of opinions. Don’t let people’s differing opinions cause division – physically or in your heart. 

5. Guard your heart against offence. The enemy is looking for gateways in this season. His strategy is always divide and conquer. Protect yourself against relational division. Stay connected even in offence.  

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.