Fresh Hope – 23rd October 2020

How strong do you feel right now?   Not strong at all, you may say.  Life happens, stuff happens and sucks out all of our strength.

 This week, I have been reading through some of the Old Testament book, Nehemiah.  Here was a man who was called to rebuild the ruins for God’s people. Boy, was that hard.  He faced rejection, intimidation, opposition, he was probably worn out, but he knew God had called him to do it. We can be right in the centre of God’s will AND STILL go through some rough stuff!I love Nehemiah, he was so determined.  He did not get put off by the people who questioned his every move and tried to deter him from the work. 

This year, you may have felt so far, that your strength has depleted. Maybe you have faced rejection, intimidation & opposition.  Fear not! You are in good company. 

In Nehemiah 8 vs 10 – we get this beautiful verse.  “The joy of the Lord, is your strength”
I want you to hear this… the strength is not your responsibility (it’s God’s). Your responsibility is the joy. 

If you’re feeling weak right now, I’m going to challenge you about your joy. Where has it gone?
You can go through bad and difficult times, yet still know the joy of the Lord. If the enemy can rob us of our joy… BINGO. He has won. Why? Because your joy is what brings God’s strength into your life.

So today, spend time in His presence and in His word.  Thank Him for the things you have and stop concentrating on the things you don’t have. Ask Him to fill you with joy.  It won’t just happen.  Sometimes you have to battle for it. 

My friend, the JOY OF THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH. No need to be weak anymore.  

Pastor Gillian

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