Fresh Hope – 24th October 2020

There is a time when Jesus is recorded in the Bible as having done something that at first glance, appears rather uncharitable. Not typical of the loving, caring Jesus we know, but it looked like a different side of Him that you wouldn’t expect based on our experiences of Him previously, or what you may have heard of Him.

In Mark 1 verses 32 to 39, we read about Jesus healing many people in a certain town, in fact, the whole town gathered where He was, and word quickly spread about Him healing the sick and where to find Him.

Then early the next morning, Jesus leaves the crowd for some quiet time praying, and when His disciples find Him, He says they can’t go back although more people had come to see Him. This at first glance seems very inconsiderate of Jesus. People had seen miracles yesterday resulting in more coming today looking for healing, why was He evading them and going elsewhere?

But rather than being inconsiderate, this example by Jesus is an important indicator of how we should live our lives, especially during the pandemic we are in at the moment.

The time, the place and the way in which we find Jesus is not only unique to you, but does not have to be the same as when God spoke to you before. Your miracle is not determined by the way someone else received their miracle even though they might have gone through the same thing you are going through. Chasing after the miracles you heard have happened before is different from seeking Jesus, and what He wants is for us to follow Him, not the things He has done for us before.

If our only desire is to go back to the way things were before the pandemic because maybe the experiences we were used to made us feel closer to Jesus, then, we will miss the beauty of the relationship with Christ. Just as no two sunsets are ever the same, every day is a new experience with Christ. Our faith should not be tied to rituals, but to an earnest desire to seek and find Him.

Make the decision to find Jesus in the beautiful way He is working in your life today.

Noble Mudenha

A daily devotion for a better way of living.