Fresh Hope – 30th October 2020

It is true to say that the current season that we are in has its challenges! For Christians, regardless of personality, position or circumstance, there is an incredible opportunity to show a desperate, fearful world how to face such challenges and win!

If you want to ultimately succeed in life, you need to do it the Jesus way. His kingdom perspective, attractiveness to people, generosity, extravagant love and care for those in need, as well as His focus, genuine enjoyment of life, disregard for the unimportant, and seeming ability to ‘win’ in all situations flowed from his willingness to do His Father’s will and live a life surrendered to His Father’s word.

When Jesus got baptised, the Holy Spirit descended not on talent, title or worldly possessions but upon a totally submitted heart, mind and spirit.

The authority that then followed was both deep and enduring because it was not placed on position, or possessions (in other words temporary things) but on a life that was in total surrender to an eternal God.

As a Jesus follower ‘to live as Jesus lived, walk as Jesus walked and talk as Jesus talked’, you need to be asking for help from the Holy Spirit to help you submit and surrender, as Jesus did .
I’ll conclude with this thought from Pastor Craig Groeschel:
‘Do what you can do, anywhere you can’t, surrender control. Surrender is not a one-time event. Surrender is a daily choice. Our God can do way more with our surrender than He can do with our control. You don’t always have the power to control, but you do always have the power to surrender.

Jacqui Cartwright

A daily devotion for a better way of living.