Fresh Hope – 7th November 2020

In this time of restriction and being unable to do certain things, let’s remember again how important it is, to not concentrate on what we can’t do, but concentrate on what we CAN do. 

Prayer & Worship are two things that you’ll always have the privilege of.  Even if you find yourself in a jail cell (like Paul & Silas) you will still have the opportunity to pray and worship. And remember: those are the best two things you can do, they are the most powerful and the most effective. 

Never take for granted the opportunity to talk to God at any time and always make the most of every opportunity to open your mouth in worship. It’s prayer and worship that brings miracles, opens prison doors and sees the impossible become possible. 

In Luke 18 there’s a blind man sitting by the road begging, he hears a commotion from the people and asks what is going on. They tell him that Jesus is passing by. He sees his opportunity (not with his physical eyes) but spiritually and internally,  to call out to Jesus.  Jesus hears him and asks in verse 40 “what do you want me to do for you?”

“I want to see”  he says. Jesus would have known he was blind, but he wanted him to speak out his desire and need.  Jesus immediately heals him and says “your faith has healed you.”  Wow.  That’s what Jesus can do for you!

In these days of commotion and rumblings, take every opportunity to call on Jesus.  He’s waiting for your shout.  Even in the midst of all that crowd noise, he heard that blind man! Have you thought about that?   

Prayer & Worship are POWERFUL.  They will change situations and bring down those walls.  They will bring about your breakthrough, deliverance and healing. 

No wonder, the enemy tries to shut us up. 

Call out for Him today. 

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.