Fresh Hope – 17th November 2020

Do you wrestle with comparison? Me too!

I want to try and help you today to see the reality of comparison, and I think it will help me as well!
What brought this to light recently was a story I came across in the Bible, where a guy by the name of Jacob wants to marry a girl called Rachel. Jacob strikes a deal with Rachel’s father where he can work for him for seven years in return for his daughter in marriage.

So Jacob completes the seven years of work, but instead of being given Rachel, he is given Rachel’s sister, Leah. The Bible says that ‘Leah had weak eyes, but Rachel had a lovely figure and was beautiful’ (Genesis‬ ‭29:17‬). So Jacob makes a second deal with Rachel’s father where he can marry her in return for another seven years of work. Now Jacob has two wives! (Cultural differences… don’t get any ideas).

Then here is where the reality of comparison hit me… Genesis 29:31 says, ‘When the Lord saw that Leah was not loved, he enabled her to conceive, but Rachel remained childless.’

In other words, Leah had something that Rachel wanted (to bear children) and Rachel had something that Leah wanted (to be loved). And isn’t that the truth of comparison? While we’re envying what others have, without even realising it, they’re envying what we have.

While we want their influence, they want our friendships. While we want their earnings, they want our joy. While we want their career, they want our family…

So here is what I propose to you today… be content with what you have!

I am confident that life becomes so much more enjoyable when we are content with who we are, rather than focused on who we’re not, grateful for what we have, rather than wishing we had what we don’t.

I’m not saying not to have dreams and aspirations, but please understand that what is celebrated in others always has a cost attached to it.

So today, let’s be thankful for who we are and what we have, remembering that many of the things we overlook are on somebody else’s wishlist.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.