Fresh Hope – 18th November 2020

Sometimes as Christians we forget the spiritual authority that we have been given! 

Jesus said that we would do all He did PLUS more (John 14:12)! The authority that Jesus walked in is available to us. We already have it, some of us just need to access it. It is like having a bank account that you aren’t withdrawing from (it’s a limitless bank account too).

The Devil knows the only way he can rob you of your God-given authority and position in Christ is if he can get you to doubt it. A doubting Christian makes for a very ineffective one. Just as he would like it. We blend in with everyone else that way. 

Look at what the Devil said to Jesus in the desert … ‘IF you are the son…’ (Mathew 4:6). The enemy’s first tactic is to get you questioning your position, leaving you passive in exercising your heavenly authority. 

A few weeks ago my husband and I were in Scotland on the hunt for some highland cows! We finally found three on someone’s property and they were HUGE, beast-like creatures. You certainly would not want to go near one. Funnily enough, they were enclosed in this pathetic, tiny little wire fence that they could tear down in an instant! If only they knew their capacity and ability. The same goes for many passive Christians. We have no idea of our capabilities in God. We struggle with identity and doubt, ‘maybe I’m not really a son or daughter of God?’ As a result we have relinquished our power to walk as Jesus walked.

Remind yourself of who you are in God, and your position in Christ. Step into all that God has called you to. Walk in your heavenly authority. 

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.