Fresh Hope – 21st November 2020

Elijah asked the widow in 1 Kings 17 to bring him something to eat and drink. “I have nothing she said, except a little…”

The widow was about to die. No husband to care for her and a famine in the land. She had nothing!! (Or so she thought). Maybe she had prayed for a miracle? 

God sent the prophet Elijah to ask her for some food, this was actually a test. When you’re in the middle of a great need and you’re praying, remember this: God is already up to something!
So Elijah came and asked her to feed him “I don’t have anything” she said “except…”

Don’t say you don’t have anything.  
We will always have something. It may not be money, but it may be a little food, or even if there is neither, you may have time or a skill. We all have something. God wants to use you in the miracle! Did you hear that? 

So often we sit around waiting for God…and God says “I want to use what you have.”
Here she practised the principal of FIRST. Before she died (because she said this was her last meal before she died) God wanted to know if she was willing to give what she DID have.  

A little oil and a little flour, to FIRST make the man of God some food. 
God always wants to know what we are doing with what we have and are we putting God first with it? Are we returning our tithe to God? Are we bringing an offering?  

For it’s in what we have and the principles that we apply from God’s word, that will bring about our miracle. 
Today, ask God what He wants you to do, what He wants you to give. 
It may not be much that He is asking for, it may be everything you have, but know this: He is about to bring your miracle into play. 

The widow was saved and her son, her food supply didn’t run out (even in a famine) because she put God first and applied the principles of God’s word. 

So the next time you think “I dont have anything” think again.  
God wants YOU to be part of the miracle. 

Pastor Gillian

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