Fresh Hope – 12th December 2020

I’ve been thinking this week about the role of a cheerleader.

They are there to encourage (energetically) and support a team.  It doesn’t matter if that team is winning or losing, playing bad or playing great, those cheerleaders cheer!

Too often we stop cheering in life if things aren’t going great. If we’re having a bad day or if we sometimes feel we are on the losing side and the battle is too great. We even think about switching teams when things aren’t as we’d want them to be. NO! That’s not the role of a cheerleader  – they cheer and support no matter what, they don’t switch teams!

Encouragement is powerful and so is praise. If the enemy can shut you up when you feel ‘the game’ is not going well, then he has succeeded. Because he knows what power it carries.  

Maybe you know someone today who doesn’t seem to be ‘playing well’ or the game for them is going not too well – stick with them and cheer them on, your encouragement will make all the difference. 

Maybe today you feel that you are ‘flagging’; cheer yourself on! Start to praise and worship and lift your voice towards Heaven. Cheerleaders never stop do they? They rehearse and train for hours. Cheerleading is not for the faint-hearted, but it’s so important. 

We are all meant to be cheerleaders. It’s powerful.  Who can you cheer on today?

1 Thessalonians 5 vs 11 “therefore encourage each other and build each other up”

Pastor Gillian

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