Fresh Hope – 26th December 2020

The word “celebrate” means to enjoy a special occasion or to praise. Maybe Christmas for you this year is a little different, less people, missing those you love, maybe it’s a time of quiet reflection and maybe you don’t feel much like ‘celebrating’.

I hope that’s not the case, as when I think of the word ‘Celebrate’ – I also think about the ONE whose birthday it is…and whatever your life is like right now, God is still worthy of our Praise.  

Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus. It’s HIS birthday.  My Bible reminds me that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He will never leave me or forsake me and that He will work all things out together for good for those who love Him. That’s something to celebrate right there!

You see, when stormy times hit – and they always do – stand on the ROCK which is God’s word. Read it, remind yourself of it and declare it. Declare over your life and those you love this season that the best is yet to come. The wise man in the Bible did not lose his house or his life when the storms hit…BECAUSE his life was firmly built on the rock that is Jesus. 

My friend lost her husband to COVID this year. She still declares that God is good. She is still celebrating His goodness and faithfulness. So come on, you can do it too!

Enjoy this special season as you celebrate HIM, for God IS GOOD.   

Happy Christmas to you all.

Pastor Gillian 
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